Saturday, August 9, 2008

Compensation Panel Wants Retirees to Pay More

These proposed changes could have a significant impact to retirees...
WASHINGTON (AFRNS) -- The Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation has recommended fee changes to Tricare, the military's health system.

The recommendations would mostly affect retirees and will not affect active-duty servicemembers or their dependents, retired Air Force Brig. Gen. Jan D. "Denny" Eakle, the director of the study, said in a Pentagon briefing Aug. 5.

"Retiree fees ought to relate to how much the plan is worth," she said. "The... higher-value plans should have higher premiums associated with them."

The panel believes fees need to be fair to all retired military members, General Eakle said. "They ought to reflect how much income an individual has, so that if they make more money and are therefore better able to pay for a system, they should do so," she said.
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